Office of Skills Development


Empower your income potential, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and career with technical skills and credentials

Governor Asa Hutchinson signed Act 892, which created the Office of Skills Development, during the 2015 Legislative Session. A division within the Arkansas Department of Career Education, this office is responsible for aligning career and technical education programs with the skills needed by business and industry.

Investing in training to maintain and increase the competitiveness of Arkansas’s workforce. 

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Eighty-nine programs providing education and structured, on-the-job training to almost 4000 apprentices, primarily professionals requiring certifications and licenses, such as plumbers and electricians.

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Currently,  there are 17 on two-year college campuses and 8 on high school campuses, providing courses and hands-on training to high school students in fields such as computer programming, welding, drafting and design, medical technology, and construction.

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Regional Advisory Councils: 15 councils across the state made up of local stakeholders in education, business, and government, working to use workforce development resources most strategically and efficiently to raise skill levels that target local industry needs.