Program Planning Development and Evaluation

What is Ticket to Work (TTW) and whom do I contact?

Ticket to Work is a Social Security Administration (SSA) program designed to encourage individuals receiving SSI/SSDI to find ways to return to work. Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS) Ticket to Work information is facilitated through ARS local field offices. A vocational rehabilitation counselor may assign the ticket to the agency if the individual wants ARS services. The vocational rehabilitation counselor will provide support and guidance with the client’s desire to explore return-to-work strategies and may also refer individuals to other agencies for specialized assistance. For more information, contact the ARS field office nearest you.

ARS Field Services Map

What is Program Planning, Development and Evaluation (PPD&E)?

PPD&E provides administrative services to the Commissioner, the field services program and the agency divisions in support of the overall mission of ARS. Administrative services include policy interpretation and promulgation, federal reporting on case services, federal state plans, quality assurance case review, community program development for external employment services and oversight, Ticket to Work, and Social Security cost reimbursement activities; and Due Process compliance. Compliance with the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act and its predecessor, the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and subsequent amendments, along with federal and state regulations concerning the provision of vocational rehabilitation services, is addressed through training and technical assistance.

Who are ARS Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs), External Employment Vendor?

The Community Program Development Section within ARS certifies community rehabilitation programs (CRPs) located throughout the state to provide services and training for ARS referred individuals in a realistic, integrated community work-based learning environment. In conjunction with discovering the individual’s career interest, an individual career profile is developed to identify needed services. CRPs provide basic career exploration, soft skills training (work readiness), independent living skills training, transportation services, supported employment services/job coaching and direct job placement assistance.

Vendor Application Packet

How do I Request an Appeal Through Due Process?

Individuals receiving vocational rehabilitation services may appeal any decision made by ARS. This appeal is made through the ARS Field Office by requesting an administrative review, mediation and/or a hearing. PPD&E is the link for assisting the individual and the agency in obtaining the appropriate related policies, procedures, and forms. For more information, see the Due Process Policy, which includes the necessary forms to request a review.

ARS Field Services Police Manual (Section XIV Due Process)

How do I learn more about ARS’ federal requirements?

RSA/WIOA State Plans: The federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and its successor Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) require ARS to develop and implement a combined state plan that articulates services for the state vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs. PPD&E’s responsibility is to ensure state plans are reviewed by the public and promulgated.

WIOA Unified State Plan

How do I contact PPD&E?

Phone: 501-296-1650
Toll-Free: 1-800-330-0632
Fax: 501-296-1687